Fifa 15 TOTW

So on Fifa 15 there is something called TOTW(team of the week). If your wondering what a team of the week is it is basically a team of all the players that have played the best that week. In a team of the week all of the player have a special card that is called a inform here is a picture of what an inform card looks like.

So this week there was an error normally the team of the week comes out on a Wednesday at 6 pm but for some unknown reason it didn’t. But it has been realised now so here are the players that made it into this team of the week. So we have Zlatan Ibrahimović as striker,Andy Carroll  as striker,Cristiano Ronaldo as striker,André Carrillo as RM or RW,Balázs Dzsudzsák as CM,Tranquillo Barnetta as CM,Ivan Perišić as LM,José María Giménez as CB,Mats Hummels as CB,Thomas Heurtaux as CB and Allan McGregor as GK. Here is a picture of the team:)

Fifa 15 holiday daily gift

So on the 19th of December EA will be giving holiday gifts until the 2nd of January. I believe they will be 100k packs but I maybe wrong. Also they will be untradeable packs so everything you get you will not be able to sell. I think this awesome what EA are doing because 100 k packs normally cost one hundred thousand fifa coins or two thousand fifa points. I think this is huge giveaway because  EA will be losing a lot of money even though they are a billion dollar company. This is something that EA does every year is basically just to say thank you for buying the game and for all the support. When we do get these 100k packs it is going to be awesome but like when i got my own copy of fifa 15 I pre ordered so that I would get the limited edition that comes with a collectors tin, 40 free gold packs and Messi for five games, so i thought that all the people that pre ordered fifa 15 should get like a 100k pack and a normally premium gold pack. I will do another post shortly to explain the toty(team of the year):) for more information

Clash of Clans Farming


So on Clash of Clans there is this base set up called farming. What you do is you get all of your storages and put them in the middle of your base and then put walls around them. Then you put all your defences around your storages so that there is a mix,so for an example put four Mortars on each corner of the walls(if you have four Mortars) After you have put all of your defences around your storage and put walls around them then you put all of your resources-Gold mine,Elixir collector, Barracks.Army camp and Dark Elixer(optional) This is going to sound a bit weird but put your Town Hall at the edge of the map so that no defences traps or walls are protecting it. The Reason that you put your town Hall on the edge of the map is cause when people attack you they just go for the Town hall cause when you destroy it you get one star then they leave, witch is the whole point of Farming cause they don’t attack your storages witch allows you to save up. But when you farm you lose trophies so if your Gold two then your trophies drop to silver three means that people aren’t as good as you so when you stop farming you cause just train you troops and completely destroy their bases. At the moment on Clash of Clans I’m farming cause I’m trying to max out all of my defences. So there you have it a explanation on farming on Clash on Clans here is a photo of my farming base.





My Clash of Clans base

So a couple of days ago I started playing Clash of Clans. Cause a couple of years ago I stopped playing Clash of Clans but now nearly all the boys in the class are playing Clash of Clans so I started to play again. I have the same base that I had 2 years ago but I am soon to change it.

When I started to play Clash of Clans again there had been a massive update so I didn’t really know what to do. For example Clan wars, I had never heard also the Lava hound, new dark elixir troop and The Skeleton trap and more.

Here Is a photo of my base and all the new features of this massive update.


Clash of clans        clash of clans


Quiz about me

1. How old am I

2. Do I have a middle name

3. What is one thing I like to do in my free time

4. How many siblings do I have

5. Do I have a pet

6. Do I like to play FootBall

7. Whats my favourite song

8. Who is my favourite FootBaller

9. Whats my favourite video game

10. Whats my favourite amimal


Reading is good because it’s like TV but in a book. It helps you to relax and put your mind at ease thats why I love you so much. This year Ive read quite a lot of books I’ve read four cherub books the amulet series and more. My favourite author would have to be Robert Muchamore he’s the author of the cherub series. The reason why I like Robert Muchamore is because his books are packed with Adventure and at the end of his books theres always a queston to be filled. Another Author I really like is Tom Angleberger he’s the author of the Origami Yoda series. His books are quite weird but I like them cause they are a easy read and they are a good laugh. Here are some photos of books I really enjoyed:)


My argument about gaming!

I get why people disagree about gaming they say it is way to addictive and that it is no good for your future but I totally disagree. For example let’s take sporting games they can help you by learning the different countries flags or even help you learn the different players names. My only disagree about gaming would have to be the ratings I mean I get why they rate games R16 and R18 on the covers to stop young children from buying games that are rated over their age limit but the question is does it really stop young children from buying the games?

So the good side about gaming. You enjoy it,it’s a good way to keep in contact with your friends,it’s a good way to pass time, you get a finger work out lol, you can play with your friends online and much much more.

Most parents won’t let their children play a console because they say that it will cause brain damage and that it will affect their learning at school but I think that is a whole load of rubbish.I believe that you should play no more than 6 hours a day and if you play games that are suitable for your age you will be absolutely fine.So for all those over protective parents out there you should let your child play video games:)



I Found My Berries-Vine

Hey guys I found my berries lol:
I found my berries is a really funny video on you tube. I have no idea how this person made this up but I rate this video a ten out of ten. His name on you tube is Daniel Anthony and this video has one million four hundred and thirty thousand eight hundred and eighty five views and it was published three months ago. Here is the video I hope you enjoy it please comment and share your thoughts about it

Black ops 2 Zombie survival guide



Hi guys today I am going to be talking about how to survive in Black ops 2 Zombies.If your playing in a map witch you have to turn on the power I highly recommend that you should turn the power on before round 10.

(This counts for all black ops 2 zombie maps)Also you should definelty save up $950 dollars before round 5 and once you have start making your way to the mystery box. Once you have a got a good gun you should save up $2500 so that you can buy Juggernog. If your wondering what Juggernog is,it is like armour that you can’t see so it’s harder for the zombies to kill you P.S if you die it goes away that also goes for any perk you buy


So once you’ve got all your perks and good guns I really recommend saving up $5000 to pack a punch. If you do pack a punch your gun bullets go blue and red,you ammo capicty doubles,your gun damage doubles, and your weapon can get a sight if your lucky.Here are some guns that I recommend:

Ray gun

Ray gun mark 2




Scar H


Death machine


Monkey bomb

Remington new model army


Hells retriever



Five seven dual wield

So there you have guys a few simple tips on how to survive Black ops 2 Zombies. Please comment and ask questions if your not to sure.


My top 10 footballers

Here are some of my favourite footballers please comment and tell me your favourite footballers. These footballers are NOT in any order from worst to best.

1: Neymar

2: Lionel Messi

3: Cristiano Ronaldo

4: Theo Walcott

5: Daniel Sturridge

6: James Rodriguez

7: Luis Suarez

8: Wayne Rooney

9: Mario Balotelli

10: Raheem Sterling

Out of all these amazing players my favourite person would have to be Neymar